Welcome to the Giantbook Project!

This is unique book project where any person is invited to join and post a message.


What is Giantbook?

Giantbook is a physical volume, which will house millions of personal posts from participants like you, who will essentially be co-authors of the project. Anyone can post a message in the book—whether it be a humorous phrase or joke, a personal secret no one knows, a comment for a friend to read, an interesting moment from your life—the list can go on and on.

Our objective is to surpass 100,000 messages and gain more users and participants as the project progresses. Can you imagine your message and name inside of a book that is listed in the Guinness World Records as the book with the most authors? This project is enormous and the team at Giantbook needs all the help they can get to reach our goal. We have an even bigger plans for Giantbook!
Get in on the action and be a part of something phenomenal!

We are now on the way to the first thousand users

24 posts

Project stages

  1. Main Goal

    To initiate the project, we need at least 100,000 messages posted; ultimately, our goal is to surpass one million messages posted!
  2. Book Creation

    During this stage, we pass all posts and illustrations to editors, prepare a digital template of the book, and send it out for publication. Considering the book size, the publication process is not simple, but our team is optimistic regarding a unique and impeccable final product.
  3. Applying for the Record

    Once the copy of the book has been published and released, Giantbook will be submitted to The Guinness Book of World Records to gain the title of the first real book to be published with the greatest amount of authors.
  4. Show the Book

    After the goal has been achieved, our next step will be to send Giantbook around the world to display it for all to see at museums and special exhibits. People will be in awe at the enormity
  5. The timecapsule stage

    We going to store Giantbook as a timecapsule or even send into outer space?Which planet would you like to see it ascend to? Mars?

What to Write About

Write about things that are important to you; things that you would like to convey to the universe.





How much does it cost?


*up to five hundred characters post



The book needs illustrations made by modern artists. For every hundred pages we will publish one illustration, so please send in your ideas and we will choose those which best suit the style we are looking for.


Support the Development

To join us is to choose to support a project in which we all believe


There are many opportunities on the Internet for productive advertising and promoting yourself or your product. and we also give this opportunity. On the page of your message you can indicate that your message is sponsored and add a link to the sponsor’s website. But please keep your post text personal and do not advertise in it.


Giantbook needs you in order to meet its goal. Tell your family and friends—spread the word! Share our link on social media to help us gain more exposure and bring more co-authors to our project.

Be a part of a unique, extraordinary, and large-scale experience!

Get Feedback

People love to get feedback, especially on social media posts; this is no different. In Giantbook, you can comment and agree or disagree on others’ posts. The most interesting posts will attract the most attention.

Referral Program

No project can completely develop without advertising. We are offering bonuses for customer referrals to our project.


Book Dimensions

Imagine the largest ever, single book in history—this could be a possibility with Giantbook. The book size will be dependent on the number of posts.

Let us say that we receive two hundred thousand messages: this book will likely be 17"x20″ and about 2,000 pages, while weighing 33 pounds.
If we receive five hundred thousand messages: this book will be 20"x30″ and about 4,000 pages, which weighing 70 pounds.

Share your thoughts within the book about your life
and your experiences from around the world.

Maybe one day, in a galaxy far, far away, Giantbook will find other readers who will learn about our lives here on Earth?.
Or maybe in an infinite amount of time, it will reach the edge of the universe.
Who knows what will happen? But it’s worth a try...