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Giantbook FAQs

September 25, 2019 remove_red_eye 8133

Q. How do I sign up to participate in Giantbook?

A. Simply go to Giantbook.com sign in by choosing one of the following social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, VK, or OK). All relevant information (name, username and location) will be taken directly from the social media site you logged in with. You may change your name, avatar, and location manually if you wish. You are then ready to add your message in the provided text box.

Q. What will my username be?

A. Giantbook ID will be your username from the social media network through which you signed up. The avatar and name to display on your message can be changed, but your actual ID cannot be changed.

Q. Will I be able to write my message in my native language?

A. Giantbook messages can be written in any language. The only exception are right to left languages, for example Hebrew--here you must switch the interface to the right to left language layout.

Q. Can I post more than one message?

A. No, only one user can post one message on Giantbook.

Q. Can I go back and edit my post?

A. The message can be edited until it is paid, but after payment, you cannot go back and edit it; although, you have the option to delete the published message and create a new one.

Q. Can I use emoji icons and hashtags in my message?

A. Yes, you can; however, note that these will not be included in the printed version of Giantbook and hashtags are solely used for navigation among online messages.

Q. Can I leave comments or ratings on others’ messages without posting myself?

A. You may leave comments or ratings on others’ messages without posting a message yourself but will need to sign up first. Note that comments and ratings will not be published in the physical book.

Q. Will I be able to share my published message with friends and family through social media?

A. Yes, you can share your published message by using the share button.

Q. Does posting cost, and if so, how much?

A. Yes, posting a message does cost. The cost is calculated by the number of characters that you use. First 500 characters are free. For message over 500 characters the price will be $5.00 for every 500 additional characters.

Q. What is Giantbook’s refund policy?

A. You may receive a refund if you end up deleting your message and you do not publish a new one within 14 days. If you publish a new message after deleting one and the cost of the new message is higher than the previous one, then you must pay the cost difference.

Q. Are there topics that I cannot write about in my message?

A. Yes, please do not include spam, advertising of any sort, or anything that is listed in our project terms and user agreement.

September 25, 2019


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