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I was always told that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” As a superficial person, by nature, I never really understood the meaning. Formerly, I figured that beauty was a consensus--some social subtext beyond our comprehension. Then I met Victoria, a newly-hired waitress at my favorite coffee shop. Unlike some of my past conquests, she was on the heavier side and wheelchair bound. I’m still not sure what it was that attracted me to her but I was totally hooked. Her smile could light up a room like a billion fireflies. Her laugh could set my soul aflame with peace and potential. Her personality dwarfed those that I would’ve considered kings and queens of their domain. Then she moved to another state. I never got to tell her how I felt. Maybe I was afraid of the beauty that I saw. Maybe I realized how ugly I was in comparison. I love you, Victoria. The coffee just isn’t as sweet without you here. I’m still there everyday at 3pm. I’d love if you joined me sometime.
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